Back Link Building

What is Back Link?

Clicking links will lead to the webpage that link point to. Back link is links point to our website.

Why Back Link is Important?

Back links bring visitor to our website, let more people see our posts. Not only human, robots also find our website with links.

We often search for information with search engines such as GoogleBing or Yandex. How do they get those search result? Search engines send out a lot of robots, called web crawler, to crawl across each websites.

These crawler enter our website when they see links linking to our website, make our website indexed. Furthermore, more links to our website, more important is our website in the eye of search engines, thus enhance our search ranking, let more people see our website.

How to Build Back Link?

  • Share links on social media.
  • Create or edit article on Wikipedia or similar website, add links to it.
  • Other church organisations used to be willing to give us back links. Of course, we should give them links generously, too. After all, we are preaching the same gospel.
  • There are many websites collecting links to each website, we can also put our links in them. Example : DMOZOursWeb
  • Comment on other websites/blog or forums, leave link to our website as reference. Some websites, including TJC Host, even allow commenters leave an personal website link, so we have one more backlink! TJC Host also welcome people to leave meaningful comments here.
  • Write good posts, people will link to our website naturally. This is the most reliable way, but really slow.
  • Do not purchase back links, and do not invade other’s websites. This is bad behavior, and will receive severe punishment once discovered.

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