Pages are used for contents that are used repeatedly. For example, these tutorial are going to be referred by users in the future repeatedly, so these tutorial should be published as pages. The about page and contact form should also be published as page.

Controversially, independent article should be published as posts.

Add Page

Please go to “Admin Panel -> Pages -> Add New” to add new page.

When adding a page, you should give it a title and write some content. You may also set a featured image for it if desired. Readers will see the featured image between the title and contents. You may also set the “Parent” and “Order” of the page. Child pages are list under parent pages. Pages with same parent page or no parent pages are list according to the “Order”.

Click “Publish” when you finish all of these to disclose this page formally.

View, Edit or Delete Pages already Published

You may want to view, edit or delete pages you published before. Click “Admin Panel -> Pages -> All Pages” to view a list of pages published before.

Hover your mouse over the page you want to manage, there will be a list of option under the title.

  • Click “Edit” to enter editor, edit the contents and click “Update” to update the page formally.
  • Click “Trash” to remove the page temporally, the page will be fully removed after one month.
  • Click “View” to read the page on the website.

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