Posts are used for independent article. Such as discussion about certain agenda, experience sharing or event notice.

Controversially,  contents that are used repeatedly should be published as pages.

Add Post

Please go to “Admin Panel -> Posts -> Add New” to add new post.


When adding a post, you should give it a title and write some content. You may also set a featured image for it if desired. Readers will see the featured image between the title and contents.

Click “Publish” when you finish all of these to disclose this post formally.

Post Categories and Tags

You may categorize the post when you add or edit them. Categorizing posts help you to manage them, and this will also create a post list for posts with same category.

Go to “Admin Panel -> Posts -> Categories” to create and manage categories.

Tags are similar to categories, they are used to describe the main point of a post. Each tag also have it’s own post list.

We suggest give each post 1~3 categories ; you can choose whether to give tags, if you want to, it is better to have 5~10 tags for each post.

Post List

Each website have a full post list, you can see all the posts here. The default position for all post list is the front page. You may also go to ”
Front page displays” in “Admin Panel -> Settings -> Reading” to choose another front page and move the all post list to a blank page or hide the all post list.

Each category , tag and author have their own post list, too. Click categories, tags or authors to view them.

View, Edit or Delete Posts already Published

You may want to view, edit or delete posts you published before. Click “Admin Panel -> Posts -> All Posts” to view a list of posts published before.

Hover your mouse over the post you want to manage, there will be a list of option under the title.

  • Click “Edit” to enter editor, edit the contents and click “Update” to update the post formally.
  • Click “Trash” to remove the post temporally, the post will be fully removed after one month.
  • Click “View” to read the post on the website.

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