Social Media Sharing

What is Social Media?

Social media is a way to share information emerge recently. Initially it is mainly used to share between friends, and gradually expand to sharing with strangers.

Popular social media are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

How Social Media increase our Visibility?

Many people use social media at free time, this is one of the centers of modern life. We can share links of our posts on social media, let more people see our posts.

Take NTUF, which I attend, for example. We publish 1~2 posts every week and share them on our Facebook page.

TJC Host on Social Media

TJC Host share articles of hosted websites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may come to see your article, and you are also welcomed to comment or share these posts.


Facebook Debug

Facebook scrap webpage information such as title and images when we share a link. However, Facebook won’t know when we update the post. We can ask Facebook to re-scrap these information.

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