Why should you have a website?

In the age of information, each organisation and professional should have a website.


  1. Sense of Trust: People tend to trust organizations with professional website because they can get a lot of information about the organization on the site, reducing the anxiety caused by the unknown. At the same time, being able to establish and maintain a professional website is also a symbol of the strength of the organization. Usually an organization with strength will value their own reputation and comply with the law, operate with honest and respect to others. Therefore, show our strength through the website can help achieve public trust, bringing important help to our development.
  2. Helps People Find You: We can put our address and contact on the website, so people can find it. We can even set a contact form on the website so people can contact us directly.
  3. Reach more People: People search for everything on the internet, from food, education to faith. If we happened to have an article talking about what someone is searching(it happens frequently), he will see our article! Beyond search engine, we can also share our articles on various social media. Publish your article on the website once, share the link everywhere!
  4. One-Way Communication: Yes, you read that right! Although there are many benefits of two-way interaction, one-way communication still hold some irreplaceable advantages. Many are afraid to be found that he is interested in the subject of our propaganda, because he is afraid that we will stalk around him. Visitors can browse our message through the website, avoid the fear of being stalked around.
  5. Digital Asset Preservation: We should properly preserve all the articles, photos and documents and other digital assets for future generations to use, these information will bring great help to future generations. Running own website let us preserve information at the same time of sharing it. As long as our website keep operating (and the database didn’t corrupt), contents on the website will always be there.

Social media is for sharing fresh information, it can not replace a professional website. We recommend publish posts on your own website, and share the link on social media.

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