Why TJC Host ?

In the age of information, you should definitely build your own website. But which service provider should you rely on?

Here’s why TJC Host is your best choice!

All Free !

You don’t have to pay anything! We get our income from Ads.

Built for Church, Operate by Believer

Most service provider are pure commercial ; but while we are half-commercial service that build for the church.

Providing the best web hosting service for the church is our utmost goal, profits is always the second.

Fast and Reliable

The speed of your website matters! Visitors won’t wait for seconds to view your post! With our quality software and infrastructure, your page load time is minimized.

The service availability and data durability is important, too. Our robust system ensure the minimum downtime and protect your data from corruption.

Easy Migration

Built with WordPress, the most adapted CMS on the planet, you can easily migrate website to and from TJC Host.

You can use “Admin Panel -> Tools -> Import/Export ” to migrate website. For more detailed tutorial, please search “$origin-cms to $destination-cms migration”.

User Friendly

Best Security

We value your security and privacy just like our own. All websites hosted by us are protected with properly configured https, and we enforce the use of https with HSTS preload. Even the DNS is protected with DNSSEC, so no one can hijack our domain.

In short, hijacking or monitoring connections to our server is an impossible mission. Even if someone can, he need to pay a huge price. For detailed security report please click here.

https : A protocol that protect your communication with the web server. Without it, anyone between you and the web server can know your communication in detail, including your password and personal privacy.
Properly configured https : The configuration of https is quiet complex, even some well-known website can’t configure it properly. A misconfigured https is vulnerable to various of attack, and thus have a really weak security.
HSTS preload : Put some built in configuration in all the browsers, telling it to always use https with our website.
DNS : Information about our domain name, such as where our server locate. Hijacking the DNS record can deceive visitors into connecting to the hijacker’s server.
DNSSEC : Making sure our DNS can never be hijacked with cryptography signature.

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