Why should you have a website?

In the age of information revolution, every organisation should have a website. And it is also beneficial for an individual to have an website.


  1. Credibility: People used to  search for information on the internet, they will search about us, too. Having a modern website enabled us to tell them who we are and to show our legitimacy and enlightenment.
  2. Reach more People: We search for everything on the internet, from our food, our education to our faith. If we happened to have a post talking about what someone is searching(it happens frequently), he will see our post!
  3. Sustainability: We should preserve every post we have write so people in the future can find it and our posterity can know about our history. Having an website rather then a free blog or social media can let us control our own data. We will never lost a single post again just because a platform closed!

Social media is for sharing fresh information, it can not replace a professional website. We recommend publish posts on your own website, and share the link on social media.

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